Past-Life Regression and Spiritual Journey Work

Past-Life Regression is an extraordinary tool available to those interested in healing on a subconscious level. Have you ever felt you’ve held negative thought patterns or belief systems, the cause of which you were unable to discover?

Many times, the cause of our stress and emotional disturbances can be linked back to a trauma or event(s) that occurred not from this life, but from lives past. It has also been scientifically shown that individuals are capable of inheriting trauma or phobias via DNA and ancestral lineage. Through entering into a trance state, you will be able to unlock these memories buried in your subconscious and physical body and allow them to be processed and released in a safe and secure way. This healing work frees you in a multitude of ways and opens up new doors and pathways in your life.


In addition to regression work, clients are also welcome to participate in a guided spiritual journey. Through relaxing into an induced trance, guided by the practitioner via visualization and breath work, the client is able to access deeper spiritual realms within their subconscious in order to access information, meet with Spirit Guides and receive wisdom, healing and knowledge. Clients are then able to use this information in their spiritual growth and evolution moving forward in their lives.

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