Self-Love 101 Videos with Prem Dasi

Have you ever felt judgmental, depressed or self-deprecating about yourself? Feeling like you are missing something in your life and you’re not sure where to find it? That thing that’s got you searching and spinning might just be…LOVE! Love is a pretty loaded word these days but many of us associate this word with relational love. The love we feel for our partner, our parents, our children, siblings or friends. However, how many of us think about how we are giving that love to ourselves on a daily basis? The below video series is designed to give you tips and ideas to open the dialogue of love between you and your inner self. Watch and enjoy and if you’d like to keep the conversation going concerning how you can nourish yourself more fully, you can email or click here.

1.) The Self Hug:


2.) Breathing Techniques:


3.) Time Management:


4.) Creative Expression:


5.) Compassion:


6.) Perspective:


7.) Positive Affirmations:


8.) From Fear to Love:


9.) Learn to Slow Down:


10.) Self Love in Action: