Take a look and see what others had to say about my healing work:

“I met Dasi during a time of considerable personal optimism and openness, followed shortly thereafter by a deep depression which had painful physical manifestations that could not be neatly diagnosed by even my holistically-minded Western doctor.

Dasi’s focused presence and unconditionally loving spirit provided a steadily held space for me to approach deep work at both ends of my emotional spectrum.  I found the hypnotic approach to that work immeasurably more effective than my previous experience with talk therapy or coaching, because it taught me to listen to my mind and body rather than focus entirely on an actionable checklist—a real challenge as a pretty type A plan-maker! As a result, I am now better able to identify and manifest sources of positive change and more effectively hold space for myself (and others) during trying times.

Whether in the same room, or working remotely, she is an intuitive and insightful sounding board and guide.  But my absolute favorite thing about our work together is the humorful, humble, and non-judgmental EXCHANGE.  Dasi is a gem, and no matter how open to or experienced you are with alternative healing therapies, I am certain you will feel heard and in some way healed by your interactions with this amazing woman.”

(Hudson, NY)

“During an intense regression therapy session, Dasi created and maintained an incredibly safe, open, and accepting environment for the exploration of subconscious imagery and episodes. As a result, I was able to put my complete trust in her guidance and goodwill during that sometimes surprising journey. I am grateful for her spiritual knowledge and maturity and will continue to seek out her healing therapies.”

(Hudson, NY)

“Dasi’s channeling work is filled with tremendous love, as well as very grounded energy. Dasi set up sacred space beautifully and lovingly before channeling. From the moment the session starts there is a high vibration and lots of care present. The channeling moment by moment was filled with loving support and guidance, and a deep wisdom beyond what is typically received in a therapy session or from body centered practitioners. I left the session feeling supported with a lot of great practical information I could apply immediately and felt very cared for and loved.  Words can never fully do justice to this level of sacred work” 

Adriana Parente
(New York)

“Dasi’s open-hearted and open-minded approach is very soothing and allowed me to travel freely into my own space. I had never done a past life regression before and was amazed at where Dasi and I were able to go together. Dasi is loving and supportive and beyond that –she has an incredible mind and enormous vision to support her work. Dasi is forever discovering new, spontaneous, wild frontiers in herself, bringing forward new flowers in every moment of her work as a guide and healer of the human heart.”

Laura Melling
(Boulder, CO)

“As a New Yorker, fast-paced city living has taken a serious toll on my health and well-being. High levels of anxiety and a competitive job search has made it difficult for me to stay positive and focused. But a session with Dasi revealed the power of dedicating a moment of your day to your breath and mind. She broke my misconceptions of hypnosis and truly demonstrated her ability to summon stress relief and peace from within with her serenading, soothing voice. I felt such an immense release once the session was over that I can’t wait until my next. Thank you, Dasi for showing me that it IS possible for me to manage my stress and lead a more positive life in a chaotic space.”

(New York, NY)

“I’m not the type of person who believes in anything (I was an atheist, now agnostic). I do not take my beliefs lightly. I have taken my time to go and find what I believe in and what I don’t. I’m building my own mind and Dasi has been very supportive in this process. She has helped me to find my way based on my own thoughts and finding some new ones. She is extremely open, honest, and very sweet. She has a beautiful energy that makes you feel confident from the beginning.”

Narda Muñoz
(Opera singer, Colombia)

“After a brief overview of the hypnosis process, with ease and focus, Dasi was able to create a space in which I was able to allow the hypnotic trance to do its work!  The following weeks have been filled with outcomes I was hoping for, as a result of the one hour we spent together.  Dasi follows up with detailed and instructive emails filled with next steps and home exercises to extend the impact of the work we did together!”

Jonathan Goldberg
(Massage Therapist)

“Through her channeling, Dasi brought a truth into my life that was already seen but too painful to face. It is amazing because she knew nothing about my actual life situation. When I first received her reading,  I was full of resistance. However, after three days I was able to give in. Almost immediately things changed in my life, inside and outside. Her words brought a deep felt truth closer to the surface of my own consciousness. After a reading with Dasi, my life changed and I found a new level of love and deeper trust in my connection to spirituality and my relationship with spirits – a new and beautiful love affair has started.”

Dorothea Adams
(Yoga teacher from Karlsruhe, Germany)

“I have had the opportunity to work with Dasi on a few occasions. The first time we did work together, I was somewhat skeptical about my ability to go into hypnosis. I had worked with another practitioner in the past, and was not convinced that I could go so deeply into the subconscious. Dasi suggested that we try a deep relaxation hypnosis — the worst that would happen is that I got to lay around and hear her soothing voice, right? The results were incredible. After the first part of the induction, I was transported so deeply into my subconscious realms that I became aware of the soul/spirit family that surrounds me in higher consciousness at all times. I have had this experience occasionally during intense energetic bodywork sessions, but through Dasi’s relaxation it was sustained for a much longer and consistent period of time. When I was brought back into conscious awareness, I did not remember the details of the “visit” but I had a deep sense of safety and security — not to mention the stilless and relaxed energetic state that I carried with me throughout my evening! The second time we worked together, I decided to try a Past Life regression session. I felt open to the experience, but was unsure how effective it would be, given the challenges of trust and self-doubt that I had experienced in past life sessions with other practitioners. Dasi’s loving, soothing, peaceful and nurturing presence gave me a safe container in which I was able to release my fears and open into the intuitive visions that came to me throughout our session. I was given confirmation by my higher consciousness that the studies I had recently embarked upon have been with me in multiple lifetimes, giving me confidence in this new direction on my path. I revisited a lifetime that I had seen in a past hypnosis session without clarity, and this time I was clearly shown the challenges that I had faced in this past life, as well as their impacts upon my current life, in entirety. The hypnotherapy session that I experienced with Dasi left me feeling confident, fulfilled, and excited about my future. The clarity that I was given through higher consciousness has allowed me to trust deeply the path that I am on, as well as my connection with loved ones in my life. I would definitely have future therapy sessions with Dasi, and suggest her as a hypnotherapist to anyone who is interested in delving deeply into that form of introspection. I am so grateful to Dasi for being such a safe, conscious-minded, and loving presence as she holds sacred space for openness and vulnerability!”

Jessica Snow
(Holistic Artist, Yoga Therapist)

“Dasi is a powerful healer and spiritual guide. When I awoke after an hour hypnosis session, I had a clearer sense of purpose, and a feeling of greater integration with my spirit self. Dasi’s soft delivery and benevolent presence enabled me to become immersed in such a relaxed state that I was able to experience deep visions. Dasi’s intentions are pure, her enthusiasm authentic, and her presence is incredibly uplifting.

(Lawyer/Yoga Instructor, Washington, DC)

“For some time, I have been interested in my past life consciousness but only with healers who embody compassion, depth of spirit and awareness.

In our conversations before my past life regression session, it became clear to me that Dasi had all these qualities. She said that while the journeys were up to me, she would act as an anchor. This resonated with me deeply because she spoke of trust and groundedness. And this was very meaningful to me after each “journey” when she asked me to explore the meaning with respect to the present time.

For me, Dasi is the perfect witness and guide to my explorations of consciousness and I look forward happily and eagerly to future sessions with her.”

Amal Moulik

(Walnut Creek, CA)

“Prem Dasi worked with me as my food coach for six months. She is empathetic and supportive, and I enjoyed meeting with her. She is very conscientious and responsive, and knowledgeable on ways to reduce stress and increase well-being. I recommend her highly.”

Mardi Mertens

(San Francisco, CA)

“Dasi helped me to transform my life from “could I, should I” to I’m DOING IT! I was lost when i found her. She made me feel safe, nurtured and understood. She helped me connect with my inner soul and trust myself. I got a new job moved to a different coast. What a tremendous SPIRIT! I’m still unfolding and am happy to have her in my life.”

Kelley R

(New York)


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