My Approach

When you learn to play the game, life becomes so much more fun. Many of us, over the course of our adult lives, have forgotten how to find that innate connection to the inner child within. This child knows how to do everything, especially how to have fun and follow our dreams. When we are young, the whole world is open to us. We can be a firefighter, an astronaut, a musician, a hairstylist, a CEO or even the president. Whatever you dreamt of, you knew for sure you would get there some day. Then, somehow, life got in the way of our dreams and we lost connection to that innate intuitive guidance which knows exactly how and when to do things.


At Dasi Healing, my job is to help get you back in touch with this part of yourself that already knows exactly what you want and need to do to create positive change in your life. This includes food and eating habits, physical exercise, career choices, and relationship struggles. Our innate inner guidance always knows exactly what we need to do for ourselves but sometimes in all the noise and chaos we can’t clearly hear what it is saying. Through holding a safe, secure and clear space for you throughout our sessions, I provide reflections and positive reinforcements for the changes you want to make, as well as providing useful exercises, tips and tricks of how to get you on your way. The journey of self-discovery, transformation and change can be enjoyable and long lasting, leading to positive growth and balance in all areas of your life.

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