I Am Enough

From the moment we’re born into this world, many of us immediately begin basing our sense of self-worth on the reflection we see from parents, siblings, family, friends and social systems surrounding us. Much of this confusion around our own inherent value stems from early childhood messaging we receive which tells us we have to work hard to be good enough at something and in order to achieve something (i.e. grades in school, income, social acceptance, etc.) we must act a certain way or reach a certain goal to be worthy of true value. Yet, how often are we told the message that we are ENOUGH just as we are?

If we’re lucky, many of us do have loving parents or family showering us in devotional love and praising the miracle of our birth. Yet, even those lucky ducks have to face the bombardment of messaging generated from outside media and institutional systems that preach a form of validation stemming from an external source rather than encouraging society members to discover this security of self from within. We are constantly judged based on our profession, income level, physical appearance, relationship status or level of college degree.

As a Hypnotist and Life Coach, I have seen countless cases of childhood trauma which hold clients (as well as myself) back from leading fulfilling and happy lives. That voice inside constantly whispers in our ear, “I’m not good enough,” and the excuses for why we aren’t doing what we truly want to do pile up along the way. “Just one more degree and then I’ll be ready…Just one more training…I can’t do that… I’ve never done that StockSnap_FETAZNQOG6before…How could they hire me?” Yet, what if we took the time to understand that actually, the only thing keeping us from reaching our dreams is our self? What if we stepped back to realize that in order to achieve our dreams, first and foremost we must have faith, courage and confidence in our own abilities and ourselves.

I recently decided to explore some deep seeded negative thought patterns in my own mind in order to foster break through in my personal life. Luckily for me, I am actually elated when I discover a root of a negative belief or behavior. Why? Because that means I have the power to transform it. Through self-suggestion and positive affirmations, you can re-wire your brain to establish new belief systems and thought patterns which can positively impact the decisions you make and the effect you have in the world.

On addressing the constant voice in my mind which tells me I’m not good enough, I decided to go for the straight and obvious approach. With firm, strong and loving boldness I state over and over to myself, again and again: I AM ENOUGH. I AM ENOUGH. I AM ENOUGH.

When I think or say this statement out loud it reverberates on a psychic level, nourishing the part of my inner child needing validation from…well, ME.

What negative beliefs are you holding on to? How can you transform these ideas or stories into positive, present tense statements? I invite you to review any old beliefs or storylines behind issues in your life no longer serving you and flip them! In just a few days you will notice a positive improvement in the way you feel about yourself and

in your own confidence to make the actions and choices needed to weave a truly incredible life.



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