Who are the Cheerleaders in Your Court?

Having worked in various fields from farming to marketing, I’ve come to notice the importance that emotional support plays in the achievement of our projects, goals and dreams. Whether it is weeding acres of flower beds, dealing with angry customers, finishing an urgent campaign report or sending out a hot button press release, when you are in the crux of your work…the going can sometimes get pretty tough. However, just having one person give you a smile, make a joke, tell you that you’re almost there or that you’re doing a great job can boost your energy levels sky high and give you the emotional and physical support needed to reach your target goal or end result.


For those of us looking to break out of the mold and do something off the beaten path (i.e. starting your own business, creating a new clothing line, fundraising for a charitable cause…etc.) finding cheerleaders can be somewhat challenging. This last month, I was inspired after attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference in Los Angeles and hearing entrepreneur Craig Wilson speak on the importance of having cheerleaders in launching your brand or product. He suggested that you identify and cultivate relationships with people and organizations that believe in what you do and want to support you 100%. These are the people he called “Cheerleaders.”

This idea of having a support team around you deeply resonated and I began to play with the concept outside of the business world. By reaching out to friends and family and telling them of our dreams, our goals, or aspirations, we can also ask for their support in moving to achieve these. What does that support look like? It could be anything from having a friend agree to keep you accountable to deadlines to having a loved one affirm that the painting or story you are writing is really coming along! I find that having both accountability and positive validation are absolutely key ingredients in having a solid cheer team.

You may ask, well what if I can’t find that in my friends or family? I would say that this is exactly where having a Life Coach or other external support system comes in handy. As a Life Coach, many times I view my job as just that, being a cheerleader for my clients in whatever changes they want to make or goals they want to achieve in their life.

However you decide to create your Cheer System, make sure that it is one that you feel supported and uplifted by in the hard times and fueled and inspired by in the periods where you need to get moving!

If you feel your Cheer System could use a boost, feel free to visit Refresh12.com or email me at refreshcoach12@gmail.com to schedule a free 50-minute coaching consultation and see how I can help!


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