What Does it Mean to Be Successful? – Exercises in Perception Expansion

Success in the Oxford dictionary is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” This word is so extraordinarily relative, and yet it has caused so many people to enter depressive, anxious and sometimes manic states. Somewhere along the way, we developed a false belief that there is a uniform level of success we are meant to achieve. For those who have felt the weight of this burden at any time, I ask you to reflect on this question: What is your aim or purpose? For example, when I close my eyes and ask myself this question, the first answer I hear is “to be a loving human being.” In part, this dialogue is to help you remember that you have the ability to choose what you want to do and how you want to live in this world. To be successful at this simply means accomplishing whatever goals or objectives YOU make for YOURSELF. In this exercise, you are free to make grandiose and far-reaching dreams and aspirations. However, I also encourage others whose purpose might be to simply breathe or be present, to allow themselves to feel valued and loved for achieving this. The key is to realize that whether your goal is to get out of bed in the morning or to get a job as a professional basketball player, both can mean being successful as long as you are able to achieve these goals for yourself.

As a practicing hypnotist, I am a firm advocate for the creation of daily attainable and achievable goals. It is important for us to learn how to nurture and support ourselves so that we can then achieve and complete more complex projects and objectives. By setting daily achievable goals like getting your laundry done, sending in a cover letter, cleaning your room or calling your mother, you are allowing yourself to become more and more successful with each passing day. This feeling of accomplishment that comes from being a success is you allowing yourself to realize your ability to create the life you want and dream of. You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to but the key ingredient is to believe in yourself. Many people in our society have been told repeatedly that they are a failure and will never succeed enough times that they have started to believe it. We also fall into the trap of comparing our own self-worth and value to that of others. Yet, if we reclaim our ability to define success for ourselves, we can also reclaim our ability to value and love ourselves and thus become empowered to do more and create more in the world.

For me, remembering that I have conscious control over my breath is a success. To practice love and kindness whenever possible is being a success. To be conscious enough to experience my life is being a success. Whatever your definition of success is, remember that it is equally important and as valid as the next person. I have a dream of creating a wave of self-love around the world by reminding everyone to remind himself or herself they are a success, in whatever way resonates for them. I invite anyone reading this article to post or tweet or send in a picture of an action or accomplishment in present time showing you as a success. Together we can remind each other that by simply breathing, by simply living, we are worthy, we are loved and we are valued. My name is Rachel Dasi Sillman. By writing this blog post, I am a success.



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