Surrendering to the Rhythm of Life

Many times throughout the day I find anxiety and stress can sneak its way into my world. You can practice yoga, meditation, breathing, tapping and anything else you can imagine, but there is still an element of our mind and our thoughts that is beyond our control. A friend of mine once challenged my thoughts on mind control with the question, “So you think you control your thoughts? Well then, tell me what you are going to think next.” Silence. I couldn’t even hear the imaginary crickets chirping in the background.

As I delve deeper in to the study of the self and all the intricate layers that create our mind, our thoughts and our ego, I fall further and further back on the famous and all encompassing phrase by Socrates; “I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” So what happens when you let go of the rational minds’ tight hold on knowledge for comfort and structure? Well, for starters, you begin to sense so much more. In letting go of thinking and analyzing where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going, you are much more free to simply pay attention. By allowing your eyes to watch, your ears to hear, your fingers to touch, and your nostrils to smell, you start to come to life. Presence transcends from theory into practice and life moves. In letting go of thinking about living, you create the space to come alive.

These ideas are in no way intended to disregard the value of conscious thought. If there were not a place for thought and rationality, why would it exist in the first place? There has been so much created in our world through the application of the mind and rational thinking that has propelled us forward to the state we currently live in. In my world there is a place for all of it. What concerns me is how to balance thought with feeling and exploring ways we can reach and maintain a state of equilibrium inside and out.

For me, a part of that process has been stripping away the power that was given to my thoughts and ideas and recognizing that there is a force greater than myself in control. Besides lack of presence, many times I find myself feeling anxious due to this want or need to control anything outside of myself. In releasing control, I become capable of taking responsibility for my life and interactions with the world around me. Responsibility after all is simply our ability to respond. How do you expect yourself to act responsibly when your mind is clouded with emotions, anxieties or worries that keep you from clearly seeing and feeling what is occurring in front of you? I’ve found liberation in those moments of frustration or anxiety, to simply step back and remember that I am not running the show. I am an actress, a player, and a piece on the chessboard. In fully embodying my role and position, wherever it might be in that moment, I am much more capable of living and being the most complete version of myself I can possibly be.

To surrender is always a choice. I am continually surrendering on a daily basis and have discovered that there are infinite ways you can melt into willingness to be alive. The choice is yours but for those who are still holding tight, I ask you to reflect how much of your time is spent experiencing and how much is spent worrying about experiencing? Perhaps if you have never let go, today might just be the day to lay back and let that invisible current sweep you off your feet, gently carrying you home.


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