Reprogramming My Way to Financial Success

There are many benefits to being a practicing Consulting Hypnotist. Besides the gift of being able to help clients transform their lives, I have the added benefit of being able to completely reprogram my own deeply ingrained beliefs and old ideas that no longer serve me. As a hypnotist and alternative healer, I have come up against many societal and internal fears around my ability to support myself financially doing what I love. Many people’s first response to my vocation of choice is, “So you can support yourself with that?” My usual response is to chuckle and tell them that I am doing just fine. However, lately I’ve become acutely aware of a part of my subconscious that agreed with their fears. Somewhere deep inside my mind, there was a belief saying, “Can we really do this? I’m not quite sure we can.” Finally, I decided enough was enough and I wanted to change the way I viewed my relationship with financial prosperity and money.

Several years ago I had undergone a self-hypnosis process to transform a deep belief I held around scarcity and not having enough; enough food, enough money, enough water. I began a several month reprogramming process, training my mind to truly believe that I would always have everything I need when I need it. In fact, that was the exact suggestion I gave to myself twice a day, twenty times each session. I would tell myself, “Every day, in every way, you always have everything you need when you need it.” I did this for just around two months until I reached what I like to call the ‘Aha Moment!’ This is the moment when the conscious idea of what you want to believe and your subconscious programming aligns. It is the point when your actions and reality will then physically change around you because you truly do believe the idea or new belief you have been programming in to your mind. After this process, I thought I had finished working on my financial insecurities. However this last month proved otherwise.

So, having all the tools I need when I need it, I set out on a mission to transform whatever remaining fear and scarcity programming remained in my subconscious in regards to financial success and prosperity, and my deservingness of this success. When I began my initial intake process, I found many deep fears of being a slave to money, of feeling like I wasn’t worthy or deserving of having money and feeling like I wouldn’t be able to acquire this money doing what I love. The unearthing of these ideas was challenging but very rewarding. After writing down on paper all the negative ideas and thoughts I had about my ability to be financially independent and successful, I was able to go to work. I joyfully transformed these ideas into suggestions for the new beliefs I wanted to have in my ability to be a financially savvy and successful entrepreneur, healer and artist.

Writing this new program for myself has been extraordinarily powerful and empowering and I am already seeing the changes in my belief system reflected in the world around me. Hypnosis is a remarkable tool and opportunity for you to take charge of the way you want to live your life. It allows you to let go of old and limiting patterns that you might have inherited or taken on ancestrally from society, family or from something beyond yourself. Who do you truly want to be in this world? How do you want to live your life? We all have the ability, power and freedom to weave the dreams we wish to see for ourselves. We simply need to find the courage to take those first steps towards change. After the third step, the path appears beneath your feet to carry you towards your destiny.

Hypnosis treatment with Dasi Healing is available in-person and remotely via Skype and telephone. If interested in learning more about this powerful healing modality or to book an appointment, please contact Prem Dasi at or call at 978-460-1063.


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