The Five Questions

The Five Questions

“Beginning with a sense of the Goddess as the creation, she shows us she is entwined with her lover.  His face appears out of her.  Their presence can be felt in everything as the mother and father. Of the creation as a matrix of love. As the feeling of love being the actual universe, holding everything within it.  That is why love feels like everything…and yet we have to love the particular in each other to enter this revelation portal. By embracing the particularity of our love – we enter it – so we should ask in love what in particular we love. When we embrace the lover, we must open to asking them what they are.”
Director Laura Melling, Myth & Movement Arts

The Five Questions
What part of you do you want me to love?
What part of your emotions do you want me to love?
What part of your physical presence do you want me to love?
What part of your life story do you want me to love?
What image of your soul do you want me to love?

For many of us, consciously or unconsciously, one of the strongest driving forces of our desires and actions is the yearning to be seen. To truly SEE and be SEEN by another human being is a gift that bestows confidence, connection and brings us closer to something divine. Through asking the five questions listed above with a partner, in a group or in self-reflection, you have the opportunity to authentically connect in a new and profound way. Exploring these questions, not from the mind but from the heart, opens a dance for the participant into the center of the soul. In participating with others in this exercise, you are able to gain greater understanding of what it means to be alive; of what it means to be human. This exchange of the heart allows our souls to speak to one another, to understand each other and ourselves in a new and exciting way. If you are interested in deepening a relationship, connecting with others, or if you are just curious in exploring human nature, give these questions a try.

The Five Questions in Action:
The exercise is quite simple. It can be done one-on-one or in a group. If you are trying these questions with a partner, both parties should first enter into a deeper, more meditative space, connecting with their hearts and grounding down in to the earth. The first person asking the questions should then begin; pausing after each question is answered. When you receive an answer from your partner, truly imagine that answer in the deepest part of your heart, where your soul lies. This is the gateway to seeing. Allow the description, the words, and the imagery your partner uses to paint a picture of who they are. Then proceed to the next question, and the next, allowing each answer to take you further into an understanding of who you are connecting with. Once the questions are finished, leave a few moments of silence for each partner to integrate what has been shared between you. When you feel ready, both participants can share what they experienced and eventually switch roles.

If this exercise is being conducted in a group, one person will still take the role of being the questioner and another the role of answerer. All other participants in the group can take part by listening to the answers of the person who is sharing at that moment. Once the questions are completed, all group members may take turns in sharing their experiences from the exercise.


This process may seem simple but if approached with an intention of love and connection, it can expand your ability to see another in a powerful way. By allowing yourself to put down your walls, to open your gates and honestly engage in curious exchange, not only will you see your partner in a new way, you will learn more about who you are and the infinite ways that this can be expressed in our world and beyond. Enjoy, connect, and most importantly, play. If the questions call to you to be expressed in a different way, through movement, through art, etc., allow this expression to take place. The above exercises are simply a guideline in the opening of our hearts and minds to a union divine.

For more information on The Five Questions feel free to contact Rachel Sillman at or Laura Melling from Myth and Movement Arts at


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