Teachings from the Road

As some of you may know, for the last two months I have been traveling in Brazil and studying with various spiritual teachers and communities in different regions of the country. It’s hard to express how much gratitude I feel for all the lessons, teachings and connections I have made here but I feel compelled to share at least a snippet of the wisdom I have witnessed during my travels.

Ways of Walking With Spirit:

It is absolutely necessary to approach every day with humbleness and avid curiosity. Acquiring these assets allows you to receive all the wisdom this world has to offer and allows you to grow and evolve in a beautiful way.

Once, while in meditation, I received a very powerful lesson from Spirit. I have always been told that it is good to keep a practice of emptying yourself of desires, expectations and needs from the Divine in order to receive this love and healing within yourself. Thus, during my meditation, I imagined a cup filled with water. I then imagined this cup turning over and emptying out all the water, as though I was emptying myself out completely. However, as I turned the cup back over, water would immediately pour back in. I could never seem to completely empty it. Eventually I heard a voice from deep within say the following: “Your cup will always be full, as long as you are willing to empty it.” I took this message to heart, realizing that the second I was at peace without needing anything, that was the instant when everything would come pouring in. As I have been meeting amazing teachers, healers, philosophers and artists, I try to embody this philosophy in my approach to all forms of learning. Every day I intend to watch, observe, listen and speak as if for the first time, in order to receive all the beauty and knowledge these teachers have to share with me.

Maintaining Mind/Body Practice = Balance:

Dancing. Singing. Writing. Drawing. Creating. Allowing the energies within us to have freedom of expression multiplies our energy and allows us to free our minds and hearts in order to receive new ideas, energy and connection. I have found that no matter where I am in the world or what process I might be going through, as long as I meditate twice a day and dance for at least twenty minutes, I always manage to keep myself balanced both physically and emotionally. Maintaining this balance is what allows us to operate in our day to day lives at full capacity; thinking, feeling and expressing at our finest.

Dancing With Love:

I have learned and continue to learn so much about love and the importance of family on this journey. Love is the driving force that runs through all of us. It moves us to make drastic changes in our lives. It pushes us forward when we feel we have nothing left. It brings color to all that exists within and without. This journey in Brazil has opened up a channel of communication between me and the forces of love. I have learned that love does not wish to be held, confined, moved or restricted. Love simply wishes to flow as it will and it seeks open spaces to make a home for itself. When you can simply allow love to move through you, to move you, to lead you in this dance of life…that is when you can truly be free.

Presence and Responsibility:

As much as it is important to give back to the world around you, it’s also equally, if not more, important to make sure you are giving love and care to your family and the environment that is right in front of you. For those of you who have struggled with romantic relationships in the past, I ask you to take a look at your relationship with your parents. How is your connection with your mother, your father? Siblings? By evaluating and healing our primary relationships, we can then proceed to strengthen our relationships with others in our lives.

It is also important to remember that this world speaks to us. The earth is a living, breathing reflection of our own soul’s process of evolution and growth. Many times when we feel chaotic, stressed or emotionally upset we can see this process reflected in our environment around us. For example, for many of us when we are depressed this is reflected in a messy room, dirty clothes and a chaotic home environment. Thus, the more we open and become aware of these signs and take responsibility for the way we are interacting with both our external and internal spaces, the more harmony will be created within ourselves and the world around us.



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