Channeling on the Nature of Clarity

Below is a channeling that came through for me about the importance of having clarity in one’s life:

We would like to speak to you about the importance of clarity. That is the subject of our lecture today. In order to achieve anything on your planet, one of the necessary ingredients you must have is clarity on the direction you are moving and the actions you are taking. Why are you doing what you do? Why are you saying what you say?

In order to facilitate your understanding of this concept we will proceed to define clarity in the context with which we are using this word. Clarity is the ability to clearly see. Yes. That simple. The ability to clearly see. For example, when you are intoxicated, overly full, sleep deprived or other such physical states of being, you are not clear, as you are experiencing a chemical imbalance. This imbalance leads to fatigue, to distraction, to a feeling of fogginess. It is perfectly acceptable to be in these states if you so choose but it is not the state that we call clarity.

Why do we ask you to have clarity in your everyday lives? Because every thought, every word, every action you create with your mind is influencing not only your life, the lives of those around you, but also the universal consciousness that we are all a part of. The more of us that can truly see what it is that we are experiencing and choose how to interact from this place of clarity, the more evolution can occur and we can progress instead of stagnate, as we have been doing for quite some time prior to this new period.

We will proceed to give you a list of ways in which you can achieve this clarity. One way is to be clean with what you put in your body. To not just be careful about the quality of food you are eating but also the quantity. Your body is a beautiful machine and even if you are feeding it the finest quality food, too much or too little can also strongly influence its ability to function at full capacity. Next, clarity can arise from how you choose to listen to yourself, if at all. Consider what drives your actions. How are you walking in the world? What is propelling you forward? Those who train themselves to think, feel, see and listen from the heart will have a much greater sense of clarity walking in this world than those that are navigating from other parts of the body and mind or those who do not listen at all but just allow themselves to be moved by the subconscious forces within. By training ourselves to be centered in the heart, this facilitates our ability to be clear in all levels of our lives as it leads us to know our own center, to know our own heart. When we are centered in our core we are much more able to engage with others on a higher level. From this space, we have the ability to determine what is our own energy, our own thoughts and our own feelings and what is the energy and thought patterns of the others we engage with. This sense of containment within ourselves will lead to much greater harmony in the world, within ourselves and with all those around us. If everyone in the world were to become aware of themselves and become centered and grounded in that space, not only would we have less conflict but we would also engage in a much more fluid manner, as our nature is to be harmonious. Our energies naturally want to synchronize together and it is only when we are disconnected, in disharmony with each other that conflict arises.

We ask you to seriously reflect on the ways in which you move in this life and how you engage your mind and your body. From what place are you being propelled forward and how well have you truly come to know your own soul? Clarity will help you in delving in to this process and by approaching life with this intention, you are taking part in a much needed philanthropic work on this planet.


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