Did you know you are the richest human being alive?

Many months ago, while traveling in Israel, I had a brief but intense moment of panic. I was sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv, thinking and thinking and thinking and again… thinking about my next upcoming trip. I had planned to go to Mexico at the end of that month and was running all the scenarios in my head of how I would be able to afford a trip with no end date and no budget or travel itinerary. I began to become anxious and almost felt like breaking down. How was this going to work? All signs seemed to point me towards taking this trip, but financially I felt I had almost no resources to make this happen.

That’s when I heard a voice tell me everything would be just fine. A few minutes later, I felt a strong compulsion to find an Internet café and check on the status of my bank account. Once I sat down and logged in to my account page, I felt the bottom of my stomach drop out. To the average onlooker, and to myself, it seemed as if my financial state of affairs was looking fairly bleak. However, while looking at the numbers, that same voice said to me, “Now, how much do you need to live today? How much do you need to do everything you want to do TODAY?” Well, that thought baffled me for a moment, but after a few minutes and a few deep breaths, I put my finances in the context of the present. Well, in this new world… I was a rich woman! It amazed me how much coming to present and readjusting my perspective on wealth could shift my mood, emotions and my outlook on what would become a life-changing adventure. Regardless to say, I went through with my trip to Mexico and all doors opened, pouring in funds, connections and priceless life moments.

Since that time, I have worked tirelessly to explore how I view money, wealth, affluence and abundance. I have sought to apply these lessons to how I live my every day life. This work has allowed me to follow my dreams and my heart and I have been able to achieve, acquire and accomplish everything I have wanted to do in my life so far. Below are some bullet points for how I shifted my belief systems around the way I view money and wealth. It’s my belief that our thoughts structure the world we are surrounded by. If you believe you are lacking or without, than that’s what is reflected back in your environment. If however, you believe you have everything you need, are rich beyond imagination and allow that wealth to flow freely to those around you, than this is the reality that will be reflected back to you. For those feeling stuck, in a rut, lacking or in need of, you may want to consider some of these points that have helped me in my journey towards achieving abundance:

• Money is a tool to achieve something you desire, not the thing to be desired in and of itself.

• You always have everything you need when you need it, even if you can’t see it in the moment. Also remember that what you need may come in all shapes and sizes, so be open to how this abundance flows in to your life.

• Freely share the riches in your life with others and, while being extremely grateful and always seeing the value in what you are given, realize that if all of it were taken away in an instant, you would still be the wealthiest person in the world. Why? Because true wealth takes no material form and can never be taken away by anyone except yourself.

Along with incorporating these beliefs in to my life, I have also been practicing a bit of self-hypnosis for the last two months to reprogram the way I view need, want, security and wealth. Each day, twice a day, I enter in to a meditative state and say the following suggestion to myself 20 times:

“Every day, in every way, I ALWAYS HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED.”

Try saying it to yourself a few times and notice how your body reacts. Your shoulders may loosen up, your heart might open and you might breathe just a bit deeper. Try this exercise for a few weeks and see how it works for you! Also, for the avid crystal lovers who are looking to bring in some prosperity and abundance, I highly recommend the crystal Citrine. It’s a beautiful yellow/golden clear crystal that brings joy, lightness and prosperity to whomever may be around it.


I hope my shares and suggestions are helpful to you and always remember that the mind is a powerful tool we have been gifted with. Remember to use it and never be afraid of your own power! ☺ Blessings and love to you all!


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